Should you come by car, please note that the hotel doesn't have a private carpark.
Benefit from a preferential rate for your parking at the Clémenceau car Park (300 meters away from the hotel).
Information and reservations:

Any overrun of the parking time will be charged according to the price list in force in the parking lot.

When you arrived at the carpark :
You need to scan the QR code, and keep the ticket that the terminal has given. It will be allow you to enter and exit of the parking during your stay, as you want. For that, you have to insert the ticket in the exit terminal (left terminal) and to insert it again, when you come back, in the enter terminal. Any override of hotel pass time will be charged according to the carpark public rates.

To let you luggages in the hotel :
Drive until Franklin street.  At the terminal, press the buttom (interphone) and introduce you like hotel guest with the access code. To know it, call us the day before your arrival at +

Every first sunday of each month (excepting on July and August), the city center of Bordeaux are close for the circulation :

- From 10 am to 6 pm (from November to February)
- From 10 am to 9 pm (from March to October)
We recommand you to park directly in the carpark. 

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