A bar where
The art of the cocktail

Meet in the cozy setting of the cocktail bar at our Grand Hôtel Français. Intimate and modern, refined and comforting. In the heart of Bordeaux's city center, just a few steps from the Saint-André Cathedral, take a break. Discover the great vintages of our spirits, let yourself be carried away by the unique experience of a personalized cocktail or the aromas of a perfectly executed classic.

- Sunday to Wednesday from 3pm to 11pm and Thursday to Saturday from 3pm to 11pm.  -


Like any good alchemist, Jérémy Lauilhé, meilleur ouvrier de France en mixologie, knows that unexpected combinations make us wonder what the art might be like if we could taste it. At the Casa Bordeaux bar, our Mixology and Spirits consultant and his team of Pierre and Théo are passionate about the art of mixology. They propose a menu of cocktails, with or without alcohol, telling a story to offer you a true visual and gustatory experience.

- A cocktail bar -
with design made in Bordeaux

Renowned Bordeaux artist Emma Kadroui has designed the mural for Bar Casa in Bordeaux. With her desire to create direct visual contact with customers, this artist will immerse you in an immersive experience. Scenes from social situations, cocktails and Bordeaux references tell a real, sequenced story, tinting the atmosphere of the place. Inspired by the great artists of illusionism, Emma also designs the cocktail menus, which adapt to the seasons, giving Casa Bordeaux an atmosphere as intimate as it is convivial.

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